Fell deeds await...

13th July 2012


Latest Fell blogpost: Got an Android? Have a free app for nowt, gratis and you no pay, not nothin'. Plus! Other stuff →

Share Fell with your Androidoid chumsFree Fell app for Android owners from the Google Play store - just search for ‘doktor fell’ using the Play app on your Android handset. (Also, rumour of an iOS Fell app to accompany rumour of the rumoured autumn/fall iPhone 5 launch rumour.)

News of FellĀ MuzoBlog collab on U-He Diva 1.1 soft synth review. Discover a virtual analog synthesizer plugin based on the kind of heavyweight code used in industrial circuit sims - PSpicy…

And also in addition! Word of the Dok’s FellSwoop (ie, sample) donations to 8Dio's forthcoming Free Radicals - a sick-sounding, crowdsourced NI Kontakt instument. Audio examples embedded.