Fell deeds await...

11th July 2012


Karl Foster @MuzoBlog: U-HE DIVA 1.1 | £138.04 →

Fell sponsor @MuzoBlog today reports on U-He soft synth Diva 1.1, an update to a veritable monster of an analog synthesizer simulation. Just the kind of gear I rely on for that Fell sound.

Check out more from the same developer at http://www.u-he.com/ - Zebra2 is well worthy of close investigation and word is a special ¬†soundbank for it is due for launch imminently. When I know more, and embargo permitting, I’ll shout out on the Fell Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/DoktorFell - if you’ve not visited before, click that Like button at top right and, if your FB page accepts Likes, you’ll get a click back.

The MuzoBlog Community, meanwhile, can be found at http://www.facebook.com/MuzoBlogCommunity (you’d never guess that URL now, would you?). As for MB supreme controller Karl, he’s at http://www.facebook.com/MuzoBlog when wearing his editor’s hat. Swing by, say hi and ask tricky music-technology questions - heh, heh, heh… :)